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We pride ourselves on the realization

of the fact that the role of the Architect

and Designer has changed.

We do not see ourselves as Builders of monuments to ourselves, but as architects and interior designers we use our skills and experience, partnering with the client in order to arrive at the best solution that meets and surpasses the client’s needs and expectations.  

We prefer to involve the Client in the process. 

Feng Shui / Quantum Earth Energies. 

Excellent Feng Shui is achieved by manipulating the spatial relationships of the building elements and landscape with good design practices of orientation, best solar access, site placement of building, energetic and appropriate use of colour, textures, lighting, materials and finishes to best enhance and harmonize with the environment and your lifestyle.

Through consultation and knowledge of quantum earth energies your spaces can be energized, harmonized and balanced to allow maximum and auspicious chi flow and protection through out the property and spaces.  Spaces may be cleared of unwanted and negative energies to maintain and enhance wellness, prosperity and well-being.

Architecture & ​

Interior Design

​Types of projects:

​Residential and Development Projects

New homes

Home renovations

Home extensions

Multi unit developments

Mixed use developments

Kitchen Design

Bathroom Design​​​​​​

Commercial and Retail Projects

Office fit-outs

Tenancy coordination​



Strip shops
Shopping centres
Tenancy coordination

Institutional Projects


Community centres

Disabled and inclusion facilities

Hospitality and Entertainment Venues


Hotel and Motel

Restaurants and Cafes

Recording studios

Social and Sporting facilities






Services Provided


Interior Design

Sustainable and Eco-Design

Project Administration

Project Management

Feasibility reports / studies

Building Designers

Colour Consultants

Interior Stylists

Retail Stylists

Furniture & Special Design Items

Design and manufacture, procurement and installation 


Rug design

Fabric design

Soft furnishings and fittings


Home wares

Original Art and peripherals

Building Graphics, Signage & Logos

Feng Shui

Quantum Earth Energies

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