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Welcome to
Estate Design Group

Mission Statement:

"With passion, understanding, and an inquisitive and searching nature we address all our projects large or small with the same enthusiasm and passion to achieve the best possible solution, excellence in the design and building process, for our clients.

We produce the best possible result for the client within the site constraints, budget considerations and time line requirements, whilst always being aware of treading on the earth lightly."       


                                                . . .  Estate Design Group

Estate Design Group 

Award Winning

Architects & Interior Designers

Unique architecture and interior design that is

eco / sustainable, kind to the earth and tailor made to individual requirements.

Combined with comprehensive and exceptional quality in documentation, we deliver projects to the complete satisfaction of the client.

Let us 'hold your hand' and make the entire process simple and enjoyable as we tailor every aspect of the project for your unique requirements and needs.

We cater to every aspect of your project by encompassing a 'one stop shop', in our multi disciplinary design practice, comprising architecture, interior design, furniture design and procurement, graphics, home wares and original art.


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Passion, Understanding,

            an Inquisitive and

             Searching Nature


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